Oh my!

I have to note the day (May 8, 2020) for a few reasons.

1) Though I’ve spent a few days making this website, I don’t actually know how the blog section works. I know everything on the internet has a timestamp but I can’t help and think, what if my blog posts don’t and they’ve fallen into a time warp that I have no control over?

2) I went into quarantine on March 11th and today’s date just reminded me that I’ve been staring at the same few walls for just shy of two months. I keep staring at the phrase “two months” like all the things I’ve done will spill out of it, but all I can think about right now is how Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage had to be postponed. That’s the only real disappointment I can let myself feel.

3) It’s my first blog post for my first website that contains my first and last name and that’s a lot of firsts to silently celebrate. I was reading my friend Kate’s brilliant blog Underwire, not for emulation but for a purely hedonistic desire to hear her take on it, whatever it was. She writes what she cares about and I’m just delighted to hear her take. So, an automatic but very sincere thank you for being here to listen to me.

I think I’ll dig through the archives and sharpen things up a bit. Maybe I’ll vomit-journal then synthesize that into something prettier. Lots of maybe’s, and now, a lot more time to think about them. Thanks for stopping by.

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