Hello, I’m Anying.

Here’s a brief overview:

I currently work at The Washington Post in the Features section. I do a lot of odd jobs: edit advice columns, contribute to blogs, write TV listings, do photo research. And of course, I write in my off-time.

I graduated from American University with a BA in print journalism way back in 2019. Since my stint running an online, non-affiliated publication there, I’ve loved working on arts and entertainment stories, through reporting, editing or researching. Yeah, I do love a Wikipedia personal life section, but I always love digging deeper.

I claim Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Arnold Palmer and banana splits (allegedly) and Hefei, China, arguably the best place for 绿豆糕 (green mung bean cake), as my two homes.

My resume is down below and I’m generally found everywhere online. Email also works.